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Vegan Menu

Our vegan menu features a range of tasty options and is available through our lunch and dinner services.


Arancini $13
Thyme, mushroom, garlic, napoli

Gnocchi $15
Pumpkin, sage, quince



Wild mushroom gnocchi $21
Garlic, thyme, truffle oil

Vegetable stack $22
Field mushroom, eggplant, seasonal vegetables, gremolata, powdered parsley (GF)

Pumpkin risotto $21
Spinach, garlic, onion (GF)

Beetroot salad $19
Mushroom, avocado, mixed leaves



Pan seared beans $9
Cracked pepper (GF)

Roasted chats $9
Garlic. salts (GF)

Glazed Dutch carrots $15
Garden herbs (GF)



Sorbet $8
Raspberry (GF)